Instructor Course 

4 Day/32 Hour Course 

8 am-5 pm 



​(Group rates available)


3 year teaching License

All Teaching Materials


  • Must be a Department Instructor 
  • Bring Laptop with internet access
  • Have access to PowerPoint Program
  •  Bring Digital Camera/Camera Phone
  • Business Casual Attire

Body Language Instructor Course: Training the New Officer for Surviving Violence  


Cisco Strategic Studies, LLC (CSS) is now offering an Instructors Course utilizing the customized C.O.P. Method (R).  The C.O.P. Method was designed by CSS for law enforcement to help understand people through reading body language, and how it pertains to anticipating violence.  We feel that this method, combined with ones understanding of a person's motivation is key. This class explores the roles that body language and human behaviors have in everyday police work.  The C.O.P. Method stands for Closed, Open and Pointing, and focuses on how peoples' comfort levels and attentions show their motivations.  Understanding this concept will greatly help officers understand, deescalate and articulate situations that have the potential to be violent.  Trainers are not sent back to their agency with a "canned version" of a concept to teach verbatim to new officers. Instead, trainers will undergo intensive instruction and are actively involved in building their own presentation based on the course teachings.  Those who graduate this program will only have done so after mastering the topic.  

Understanding - Deescalation - Articulation 

Teaching Points 

The concepts of C.O.P. (Closed, Open, and Pointing), and its relevance in understanding body language

Understanding the concepts of stress and anxiety and how they effect behaviors

Be able to teach others how to articulate their actions and those of others after violent encounters 

Understand how the material can be used to deescalate situations that show the signs of becoming hostile

Recognize and demonstrate common pre-attack indications and the principles of "blading" in regards to the C.O.P. Model 

Intensive video and practical simulations in order to master the topic and demonstrate the material