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Cisco Strategic Studies, LLC is a consulting and teaching organization that specializes in advanced  Law Enforcement training  centered around the motto of "Know Thy Enemy".  We specialize in behavioral analysis and training through body language.  Classes are highly customizable to fit your needs and backgrounds. Contact CSS to find out how we can find the class that best suits your needs.  

Cisco Strategic Studies LLC is a consulting and teaching organization that specializes in training Law Enforcement Professionals. Instructors are chosen from elite tactical, investigative, and undercover units with years of experience both in the classroom and the field.  The training is based upon the motto of  "Know Thy Enemy"  which we feel is the cornerstone of good training and the most overlooked.  Our training specializes in understanding our adversary and gives you ways to do that.  CSS has two teaching divisions, the behavioral side and the covert entry side.  The behavioral side gives you the tools to read your enemy like a book in nearly every aspect.  You will be able to read body language, anticipate  the actions of others, and determine if someone is lying to you.  You will  see the signs of violence and hostility before others and learn about personality types common to our profession.  In short, you will know your  enemy before he opens his mouth.  The covert entry side will teach lock picking, alarm bypass and vehicle entry. These can be good tools in
intelligence gathering, warrant execution, officer rescues, and welfare checks. All good skills to have in the field when the need calls

Request Information on CSS Classes

Sebastian Police Department
Stuart Police Department
Sewalls Point Police Department
Martin County Sheriff's Office
Fellsmere Police Department
Port St. Lucie Police Department 
Tallahassee Police Department
Florida Wildlife Commission
Florida Highway Patrol 
Darien Police Department
Macintosh County Sheriff's Office
DeSoto County Sheriff's Office
Jones County Sheriff's Office
Birmingham Police Department
Tennessee Bureau of Investigations
Mobile Police Department

Palm Beach County Sheriff's Office 
Port St. Lucie Sheriff's Office
​Indian River County Sheriff's Office​
Department of Homeland Security
​Transportation Security Administration (TSA)
New Orleans Police Department
St.Louis Police Department
East St. Louis Police Department 
Louisiana State Probation Office
Meridian Police Department
Folson Police Department
Decatur Police Department
Iberia Parish Sheriff's Office
Oxford Police Department
Northport Police Department
Lafayette Parish Sheriff's Office

The following agencies have been represented at CSS  Training Events

International Law Enforcement Educators and Trainers Association (ILEETA) 

High Liability Instructors Conference at the Florida Public Safety Institute
​2013, 2014

Indian River State College Criminal Justice Institute 

Georgia/North Carolina HIDTA Group 2013, 2014

Regional Counter Drug Training Academy (RCTA)

​ Florida  Public Safety Institute Tallahassee State College Criminal Justice Institute

Chattanooga Police Department 
Hinds County Sheriff's Office
Mississippi Gaming Commission 
Williamson County Sheriff's Office
Pelham Police Department
Mississippi Bureau of Narcotics
​ Georgia Office of Attorney General
Traveler's Rest Police Department
University of Louisiana Police Department

Florence Police Department
Charleston County Sheriff's Office
Copiah County Sheriff's Office
Mississippi Department of Corrections

Chicago Police Department 

Canadian Border Services Agency

U.S. Department of Justice

CSS has been hosted at the following events

Upcoming Events

October 5-10, 2014 we will be presenting 4 classes at the 6th Annual High Liability Instructors Conference in Tallahassee, Florida

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October 21-23, 2014, we will be in Atlanta, Georgia teaching Body Language and Deception in High Risk Environments.  

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Click on the link below to see the link to our Deception Detection for Law Enforcement class now being offered online.